Sitting Juarista with a black and white cat drinking milk from a saucer
48" ×
Oil on Canvas

After reading a number of books on Mexico, I wanted to do some paintings on Mexican historical themes, particularly the revolution of 1910-1920 and the French military intervention of 1862-67. 1910 is the first and depicts a pro-revolutionary peasant “soldado”. The model for my oil was one of my wife’s students, seventeen-year-old Antonio Benavidez, whose name I used for one of the matadors on the small, bullfight poster on the wall.

My revolutionary is armed with a Mauser carbine-a small rifle that was a favorite during the turmoil of 1910-1920. The large poster on the wall is a pro-revolutionary exhortation encouraging Mexicans to back Francisco Madero and his reformist Plan de San Luis Potosi against dictator Porfirio Diaz, which places the painting in 1910, early in the revolution and before Madero fell out of favor with the more radical revolutionaries.

The pot features decoration from a Tularosa Indian design. rmidable nature led me to add a black panther to the scene. On the floor are strewn the red Palle – the discs that were the family’s emblem. Because Lorenzo is one of the greatest “patron saints” in art history, I could not resist putting a late Gothic style halo around his head.

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